Purchase or Rent Medela Breast Pumps & Accessories

Medela®is committed to helping moms breastfeed and/or breast pump for as long as they choose.


Rebel Mama is locally owned by a Nurse & Lactation Consultant. Rebel Mama is unlike any other company offering In-home breast pump set up & education!

Should I rent a breast pump or buy?
90% of mothers choose to breastfeed their babies and 40% of those moms will face challenges during the initiation and building phases of breast milk production. Many moms need a short-term use of an efficient breast pump while baby is in NICU or to help initiation or build their milk supply or they have decided to exclusively pump. 

The Symphony PLUS breast pump is used in hospitals all across Canada. 

The research-based Symphony breast pump has been developed specifically to support moms throughout their breastfeeding journey: to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply. It is a hospital grade pump for rent.